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Ma-ai (間合い) #1 at ki karate school located in Amsterdam Centre and Monnickendam since 1994 by Amsterdam karate school ki Amsterdam | karate-amsterdam | shotokan-amsterdam | Amsterdam | karate | ki | summer-course | korting | shotokan karate amsterdam, amsterdam karate, amsterdam shotokan, karate herengracht, Karate centrum, centrum karate,Vechtkunst monnickendam, bewegingskunst monnickendam, kaarten monnickendam, flow monnickendam, enbusen monnickendam, enbusen kata monnickendam, kata performance line monnickendam, karate performance line monnickendam, karate gala monnickendam, hot karate monnickendam, meridianen monnickendam, meridiaan monnickendam, healing monnickendam, chakra healing karate monnickendam, karate inspiratie monnickendam, karate inspiration monnickendam, karate leraar monnickendam, karate sensei monnickendam, gezondheid monnickendam, gym monnickendam, gymnastiek monnickendam, conditie monnickendam, gymnastiek, conditie verbeteren monnickendam, werken aan conditie monnickendam, zen monnickendam, budo monnickendam, budo karate monickendam, karate woordenboek monickendam, karate woordenboek monickendam, karate spreekbeurt monickendam, spreekbeurt monickendam, speaking engagement monickendam, karate speaking engagement monickendam, talk monickendam, karate talk monickendam, lecture, karate lecture monickendam, encyclopedie monickendam, monickendam encyclopedia, spirit monnickendam, spirit of karate monnickendam, karate spirit monnickendam, fighting spirit monnickendam, spirit first monnickendam, spirit first technique second monnickendam, mindfulness monnickendam, mindfulness karate monnickendam, Kara monnickendam, te monnickendam, do monnickendam, kara te monnickendam kara te do monnickendam, monnickendam Kara, monnickendam te, monnickendam do, ki monnickendam, monnickendam ki, karaat monnickendam, monnik, monnick, karate monnik, karate monnick, monnick karate, monnik karate, chinees karate, chinees karate Amsterdam, china, china karate, china karate Amsterdam, wing chun, wing chun karate, wing chun karate Amsterdam, world behind your eyes, Ma-ai 1 (間合い) #1,

Ma ai (間合い) #1

Ma ai (間合い) and/or Ma (間). part 1: Interval between two opponents Ma ai (間合い), translating simply “interval”, is a Japanese martial arts term referring to the space between two opponents in combat; formally, the “engagement distance”. It is a complex concept, incorporating not just the distance between opponents, but also the time it will…

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50% off summer karate course - Zomer karate programma met korting [*2019]-karate summer school organized by Amsterdam karate school ki Amsterdam | karate-amsterdam | shotokan-amsterdam | Amsterdam | karate | ki | actie korting | grachtengordel karate club

50% OFF Karate Summer

50% OFF Karate Summer Course [NL] + [EN] – English text below.  Deze zomer organiseert karateschool ki zomertrainingen met een speciale introductie cursus voor beginners! Vanaf woensdag 17 juli houden we elke woensdag een training. Tot en met woensdag 21 augustus 2019. Je kunt vanaf aanstaande woensdag 7 augustus met 50% korting deelnemen aan…

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