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Kumite class 4: Masahiko Tanaka

Kumite class 4 @xxxx[{::::::::::> Masahiko Tanaka: Kumite class 4: “In my case, I always try to catch my opponent’s eyes. There is a strong relationship of action and reaction between the eyes and the movements of the body. This is very useful when breaking your opponent’s rhythm. Eyes in the back of your head Kumite…

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Kumite class at ki Fill the whole area that you reach with your hands and feet with a fog coming from your heart; that's cool

Kumite class 5: Masahiko Tanaka

Kumite class at ki @xxxx[{::::::::::> Masahiko Tanaka: Poker Face: the eyes show your own feeling as well as observe your opponent’s. Senses: Through the senses of hearing, sight and touch, people receive information at different speeds. Eyes: Using your eyes deeply, as if they were at the back of your head. Heart: Fill the…

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